Hotel George V


Hello there ! That guy here next to me is the great George V, former King of England … and I am just « George » ! And this annoying little thing flying around is my darling « Josephine ».

Hopefully, we are looking forward to welcoming you soon, and we would like to share with you what we love best about wonderful Paris (not always your parents favourites …).

We shall be very happy to assist you in setting up your schedule at the best as we want this visit to be a memorable one, and Paris has all to offer this to its visitors, and we have a lot to offer to our friends (but please keep these recommendations secret, we only share them with special people such as you … We have a deal here! Give me five!).

So, read carefully as these pages have been written by my friends at the Concierge, and, should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us :

signaturegeorgeGeorge & Josephine are © Roderick Levéjac
Hotel George V
31 avenue George V
75008 Paris, France
Ph.+33 1 49 52 71 07
Fax +33 1 49 52 70 05

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