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Penati al Baretto
Located a stone’s throw from the George V, on the other side of the Champs-Elysées, Penati al Baretto offers a contemporary Italian cuisine centered around the excellence of today’s products to recreate the exquisite flavors of the past, in a cozy setting, a warm and elegant atmosphere that is a nod to the Dolce Vita.
9 rue Balzac, 75008
+33 1 42 99 80 00
There is something unique about this Italian restaurant, located away from the city center and yet full al the time. But seeing is believing and you will enjoy the atmosphere of Le Grand Venise, surrounded by huge bouquets of fresh flowers and the show will start with an opulent, tasty and fine cuisine. Look at the menu but let the patron guide your choices, you won’t be disappointed. It can be challenging to get a reservation in this institution.
171 rue de la Convention, 75015
+33 1 45 32 49 71
Mori Venice Bar
Offering sumptuous dishes that are undoubtedly Venetian complimented by a breath-taking wine list. The contrast for this design restaurant between the subtle and refined traditional cuisine and the glamorous baroque-style decor by Philippe Starck is truly marvellous.
2 rue du 4 Septembre, 75002
+33 1 44 55 51 55
Located in the Triangle d’Or and a short distance from the hotel, Stresa is a family owned restaurant run by the Faiola brothers and the hideout for regulars who are famous people of the fashion or cinema industry. The cuisine is classic Italian, the decor of this trattoria combines wood paneling and large mirrors.
7 rue Chambiges, 75008
+33 1 47 23 51 62
Giulio Rebellato
In this chic and cosy restaurant it seems evening time even when it is lunchtime. The menu is traditional Italian: parmiggiana eggplant, grilled vegetables, veal with tuna sauce (vitello tonnato), clam spaghetti (vongola spaghetti), veal escalope with lemon sauce. They have a white truffle taglioni special.
136 rue de la Pompe, 75116
+33 1 47 04 91 32
Il Sorrentino
If you wish to experience Napoli province authentic cucina and joyful way of life, try Il Sorrentino. Indulge with the chef Raffaele’s special « tagliatelle Raffaele ». The waiter brings a giant wheel of parmigiano-reggiano cheese with a bowl-shaped indentation, sprinkles it with Armagnac, and lights it on fire. As the flames dance, the waiter drops the pasta into the center of the « bowl, » tosses it around in the molten cheese, scoops it back onto your plate, and serves it piping hot. The taste is just out of this world!
4 rue de Montessuy, 75007
+33 1 45 55 12 50
Casa Bini
Authentic trattoria in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From the chef to the staff, everyone is Italian. Their authentic northern Italian fare and homemade pasta specialties such as « Paccheri alla Norma » (eggplant, tomato and ricotta) and « Spaghetti Marinara » (calamari, clams and mussels) draw Parisians and some local celebrities.
36 rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006
+33 1 46 34 05 60
It is hard to find a really good pizza place in the vicinity of the hotel. Napoletano is second to none in the district and a casual and lively restaurant, but the pizzas are definitely generous and tasty. They also have pizzas dedicated to famous soccer players.
18 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008
+33 1 45 62 08 37
Located on the Passage des Panoramas in the former engraving shop Stern. Pilippe Stark the famous French designer as to deal with the historical walls and furniture that cannot be removed to create an elegant atmosphere. The elaborate Italian cuisine is supervised by Chef Aljamo (three Michelin stars in Italy) lean over the gourmet side.
47 Passage des Panoramas, 75002
+33 1 75 43 63 10
Loulou is one of the trendiest restaurant since they open at the Decorative art Museum. The restaurant boasts a unique and privileged location at the heart of the Palais du Louvre. The Italian chef Diego Compagno (former head chef of the Alla Vigna in Italy) interprets the greatest classics of Italian cuisine. The cuisine is well executed, and the atmosphere quite glamorous. When weather permitted, the restaurant offers a very charming terrasse, otherwise the inside is sober yet elegant.
107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001
+33 1 42 60 41 96
Hotel George V
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