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Well known as an attractive destination around Paris, the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse and its rich history offer many ideas for visits. Medieval and classical castles, museums, churches and abbeys take you to discover the history of the natural park.

You may appreciate a wonderful tour of the area either hiking, biking or by car. The Natural Park is full of forest paths which offer a lot of hiking possibilities.
Once there, you may discover some beautiful monuments such as the Abbey des Vaux de Cernay,  Chateau de Breteuil or Chateau de la Madeleine.

The Vallée de Chevreuse also includes the impressive Forêt de Rambouillet which used to be the favorite hunting place for the French kings.

At Château de Breteuil, built between 1604 and 1610, you will discover rare portraits of Kings, magnificent 18th century furniture.
You will encounter the wax figures of Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVIII, Léon Gambetta and Marcel Proust, made by Musée Grévin and surrounded by their relics and art treasures.

The abbey des Vaux de Cernay was founded in 1118 by the monks of Savigny Abbey, in order to have a monastery built in honor of the Mother of God and Saint John the Baptist. The ruin of the Church is absolutely beautiful.Today the abbey has become a luxury hotel and restaurant.  Located in a huge park that is the perfect place for lunch.

The Château de la Madeleine is a Medieval castle located in the middle of Chevreuse forest.  In a good state of preservation, it was built on the top of a hill to protect the village from looting. From its ramparts, you may enjoy a wonderful view over the valley.

The Chevreuse valley is the ideal place to enjoy a family jaunt, only 45 minutes away from Paris. The history of the area and the diversity of nature will give you unforgettable memories.
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