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Peder Severin Kroyer – Musée Marmottan

For the first time, a major exhibition is dedicated to a Danish painter, Peder Severin Kroyer. About 6O paintings are presented, most of them being quite unknown, showing the daily life in Scandinavian shores and especially during the blue hour. This blue hour is a time before dusk, offering a very special northern light being at the same time very intense and mild. Kroyer loved to paint during this short but magnificent time to give a particular atmosphere to the scenes he painted.  

This exhibition is a true soft journey through Scandinavie and gives an insight on the artist’s life there ; his friends, the fishermen, the dramatic landscapes… The visit if making you feel out of time !

Running until September 2021
Closed on Mondays
Hotel George V
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75008 Paris, France
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