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Dali / Gaudi – Atelier des Lumières

For this new exhibition, the Atelier des Lumières gives tribute to one of the most reputed surrealist artist, Salvador Dali.  

Covering 60 years of art, the exhibition will drive you through the different atmospheres created by Dali, from the most mysterious and surreal to the most colorful and hypnotic master pieces. It’s perfectly showing how inspired was Dali and how he used to dare everything coming to his mind. The soundtrack selected to punctuate the visit is composed only with Pink Floyds theme which creates a really mystical atmosphere.  

The second part of the exhibit is dedicated to another Spanish artist : Gaudi ! The iconic architect was inspired by Dali which is quite evident while admiring his work. They share a dreamlike and « avant-garde » universe which will mark their entire career.  

The Atelier des Lumières displays some of the major creations of Gaudi all over the room and visitors can feel like they’re travelling.

Running until January 2nd, 2022
Open every day 

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