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Le Taillevent

We always look at reinventing everything, “recreating the wheel”, and then realize after a while, that what we are looking for, frantically, is right there, just a few steps away, far from trends, passing fads and ephemeral digital rankings.
The art of La Grande Restauration, not la Cuisine which is a reductive notion that stops at what lies in your plate, La Grande Restauration that combines so many pleasures, the scenery that surrounds you, the atmosphere in which we are immersed, the expertise of an attentive and kind service and the refined dishes that are proposed to our delight, this Restauration is not to re-invent as it already exists, preserved in a few Temples that know the balance between perfect classicism and a reasoned yet permanent creativity.

That’s what Le Taillevent is all about, probably one of the very best restaurants in the world, whatever Michelin says, and forever animated by the spirit of Jean-Claude Vrinat and his father, and the magic of Jean-Marie Ancher, your host, and Alain Soliveres, the Chef, together with many more talents. A tradition constantly renewed …

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Le Taillevent
15 rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris

Open from Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner.

jean-marie et roderick

Jean-Marie & Roderick … Just old Friends 🙂
Hotel George V
31 avenue George V
75008 Paris, France
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