Hotel George V

Enfants Rouges

This very simple wine bistro, close to the « marché des enfants rouges » in the northern Marais is one of the most surprising bistronomie openings in 2013. While the ambiance stays as simple as it gets with wooden tables, colorful paintings and mosaic floor; Japanese chef Daï Shinozuka (formerly at the Relais du Comptoir under Yves Camdeborde) serves a refined and modern French fixed price menu with limited choices, his Asian touches in presentation and taste add an interesting and inventive spin to the beautifully presented dishes.

ENFANTS ROUGES- 9 rue de Beauce – 75003 Paris
Hotel George V
31 avenue George V
75008 Paris, France
Ph.+33 1 49 52 71 07
Fax +33 1 49 52 70 05

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